Our famous running contacts

some more running contacts by La and Bu

La, turning after running contacts

Bu, running dog-walk

Bu, running A–frame

Bi, learning running contacts: adding angle and turns


La, winning agility run in WC Lievin 2003

La, winning jumping run in WC Lievin 2003

Lo, finishing 2nd (after La) in WC 2003 jumping run ; -what made me for the only person ever finishing 1st and 2nd in any of the runs on WCs
                                                                                                                                              La, winning World Championships again in WC Valladolid 2005.  Lo finished 4th, so this was quite a successful year.

La, winning EO 2006, easily beating second-placed BC

La, winning jumping run in WC Basel 2006

La, almost-winning WC 2006 – would have won it with 6 seconds of advantage (and she was slow this year because she had some pain in her left shoulder! – only found it out later) if only that bar wouldn’t go down…

Lo, getting a fault on WC 2006 for a see-saw that was done

La, winning jumping in WC Hamar 2007 with far (1.5s) best time despite some not so perfect turns

La, team agility in WC Hamar 2007 - I liked this run a lot, despite almost crashing into the additional judge and again: best time

La, winning team jumping in WC Hamar 2007 - great time despite it was not my type of a course, too many straight lines for little La and no turns

La, individual agility in WC Hamar 2007- nice run, but unfortunately no A-  frame contact...


Bu, starting her competition career:

one jumping and one agility run, both in A2 class

Bu, last win in A2

Bu,  first run and first win in A3

La, Bu and Lo, various agility runs, 2009




TV appearances

With her cute face and tons of tricks that she knows, La makes a great TV dog. She played in several commercials, a video clip and several TV shows. Here is some of the material. Enjoy.

La's TV ad for Volksbank

La's TV ad for Mobitel

La's TV ad for Si-Mobil

 Bu's TV ad for Volksbank

La's video-clip for pop group Cuki

La, being invited to the president of Slovenia for her achievements in agility.



Tricks show that we do together with a friend and her Mudi


Bu, showing some of the tricks she knows. She is 11 months old on this video.

Part one and part two.

Bu and La, showing some more of their tricks

Two Legged Tricks by Bu

Winter tricks

Summer edition of dog tricks: Wannabe Tricks

 Tricks show with Bu

  Bu, playing frisbee, her favourite game

Bu, skateboarding

a video from everyday life with Lo-La-Bu

  my puppy school video

a presenetation video of my new puppy Bi

Bi, showing puppy tricks at age 3 months

Being Bi, showing some shaping games (and some bad puppy manners:)

More Puppy Tricks by Bi, 4.5 months

Tricks , again by Bi, 7 months

Heeling Video, showing La, Bu and Bi

Winter Tricks 2009

Puppy Class spring 2009

 Summer Tricks 2009

Labubi Drum Band

My Tricks Class summer 2009

Autumn Tricks

LaBuBi Cleaning Team - for a good laugh