24.6. - Back from vacations! See our hiking pictures!



15.5. - If wondering what's new, the best is to check my other website, you can see some interesting videos there. Here are some links to our recent videos:


Hug The Pole

Drumming Challenge

Running Dog-Walk in 3 steps

Handling Class video



And yes, we're still all alive, La is at almost 10 still as crazy as always, yelling at too slow see-saws (love that big mouth!). Bu is still obsessed by perfection but getting wilder now that we live on a farm and she has her own agility field to play on and lots of room to play BC games with Bi. Bi is still the wild child, in highest degree of agility now, having some brilliant runs - but still plenty of chaotic ones too :) And Le is still tiny, but with lots of attitude, loving agility and chasing the BCs and a real guardian dog in her free time.

9.4. - Happy 1st birthsday, my barky little monster!



More pictures here - and more updates on what's going up here, articles and news on lolabu.com


12.3. - Tricks for better thinking skills video is out!!! I love those tricks, they really explore the dog’s mind in all its dimensions, allow you to see how your dog thinks and learn how he learns. The tricks explained are my favorite 10+ tricks that help the dog to learn the concepts of learning. Here is the trailer and here is the ordering info.



18.2. - Yeap, we're back from US and getting busy again with LoLaBuLand classes and long-distance classes, preparing new tricks video etc. Will try to post some more when things settle down, for now, just two recent photos of Le from Michigan, taken by Cathi Winkles:




9.2. - I used to wish for her to be just as crazy and driven as a normal BC should be... But with every next year with her, I'm figuring out that crazy and driven would make her just another normal BC. And being weird and autistic and genius makes her Bu. There is no Bu without her weirdness, without her strange obsessions, fears and passions. It's exactly her weirdness that makes her just as sweet, just as special, just as genius as only Bu is. Happy 5th birthday my sweetest weirdo, we love you exactly the way you are.



28.12. - Two weeks before her 14th birthday, we had to say goodbye to good old Lo, the little dog with the biggest heart, the dog with the biggest smile, my most devoted dog, the dog with tons of trust, the dog who never asked questions and was always ready to go go go. Yeap, they don't make dogs like Lo anymore... She was one and only and despite all her fears and phobias, I would take another Lo any day. What a heart, what a smile! She only knew one mood: happy, happy, happy. But then one day, her smile was gone. I searched for fire in her eyes and it was gone... She was diagnosed with cancer shortly after and showed very clearly she doesn't want to fight this one, so we let her go. But in our hearts, Lo's smile will stay for ever, Lo sure is a legendary dog, my little pioneer, first in so many aspects, named Vedette - a star with a reason.



27.12. - A video of first LoLaBuLand puppy school graduates! It was great working with you!!!


21.12. - Some new pictures from the woods and fields where we're walking daily now. Yeap, LoLaBu Land moved from 41m2 appartement in Ljubljana to a house on 11.000m2 of land in a corner of a small village - and we love it! :) Look at this smile:



30.11. - Tricks training video is out!



The content:
- why: 10 positive side-effects of teaching tricks
- how: general explanation on how to teach whatever trick you want
- step by step instructions how to teach 10 tricks, from basic to advanced ones
- trouble shooting (dog not offering anything, dog not motivated, dog too excited, getting stuck somewhere etc.)

Also, see the trailer. And here are Bu&Bi's runs from a competition last Sunday.


19.11. - And another video of Le at 7 months, testing our super cool fresh new artifical grass :)


3.11. - And the pictures...



2.11. - Finally the video of Le at 6.5 months, showing some new tricks, beginnings of running contacts and some cik&caps. New photos coming up soon too!


10.10.  - And another big brag: La is National Champion AGAIN, for the 5th time!!! And Bu is vice-National Champion! She was actually leading all the way too, but then finished 2nd, because of a stupid off-course.


And one pictures of Le at 6 months... More pictures and a video coming up when we return from the seminars.



7.10. - Big brag today: Bu and La both finished as 4th in World Championships, how cool is that! To make it even better, Bu set best time in two runs!!! Here is a report from Rieden and here some photos from World Championships, by Iztok Noc.



28.9. - The Trailer... And now to packing for World Championships!!!


26.9. - First, BIG congratulations to Maja&Phoebe for winning European Frisbee Championships in Holland this weekend!!! My puppy students rule!


And the big news: after plenty of techical problems, Heeling Video is out!!! The trailer coming up tomorrow!



21.9. - Happy 9th birthsday, my very special little dog. May you stay just as crazy, enthusiastic and wild also for next 9 years to come. My little fighter, my little miss perfect, my one in a billion dog.


La, 9 years ago


17.9. - On a rainy day like today, I just have to publish those Sunny Photos by Iztok Noc. When not hiking with the dogs, we're busy with our new house, puppy, classes and the new video. Yes, Heeling Video is almost ready!



4.9. - Le is almost 5 months now, still very small, still very confident, still with lots of attitude. She knows plenty of tricks already and we also started to do some cik&cap + tunnels sequences and she loves it, she growls all the way, it's just too funny. Will try to make a video soon, for now, just some (more or less) new photos.



22.8. - As promised, here comes the video of Le's puppy tricks at 4 months



13.8. - We're back from EO&seminars! Unfortunately, we didn't have much luck with the weather at EO, but well, I really liked the courses, very challenging, very different. I was very happy with how well Bu and La did on those courses that were very different from what we are used to. They both did great in all their runs and qualified for finals, but their placements in individual runs are even more important for me as finals. La was clean in 4 of 5 runs and had best time in all three agility runs (individual, teams and finals), not too bad for my tiny little almost-9-year-old! Bu placed 3rd in agility individual, 0.13s after the winner, and had one of the best times also in agility team. Not too bad for my autistic BC! She did great in finals too, but didn't find that tunnel under the dog-walk... I guess she didn't sleep well for the whole week because of that, my poor sweet Bu! :)

Of course, Bi came along too, to complain that she can't run. Le was busy with growing up, her legs doubled during the night, but she still can't decide on smooth vs. rough. "4 months" video coming soon! And Lo was keeping company to Bor.

Weather was on our side for the seminars, though, was very nice to meet all the old friends and make plenty of new ones! :) The same goes for Le, she made lots of new friends and met some old ones, her breeder, mother, father, older sister and brother and litter-sister, a whole family reunion, here she is with sister Lea:


photo by Silke Lange


22.7. - In case you didn't see it: my first training video on turns is out!!!



And now I definitely need to pack for EO, leaving in few hours, training in 12 hours, crazy.


19.7. - Many news this time. First, here is my US schedule with contact addresses for those who were asking:


1/24-28 Florida, Melanie
1/29-2/2 Minnesota, agilk9s at frontiernet.net
2/3-7 Michigan, mark at ClipandGoAgility.com
2/8-13 Virginia, sgbabcock at aol.com


Next, here is the trailer of my cik&cap training video in case you haven't seen it yet.

And, FINALLY a video of Le at 3 months and some more of Le's pictures.



11.7. - Thanks to Valerie Teppe from France, here come some pictures of Le at 3 months. As you can see, she is becoming a real PyrShep, she is very enthusiastic about everything she does: playing, eating, working, smiling or sitting in a lap - and she still has moments when she acts exactly like on that video when she is 5 weeks. She should wear a dangerous dog sign! And YES, finally a PyrShep that swims!!! She looks like a little mouse and tries to climb on everybody's back, too cute! Have to make a video soon!



6.7. - Good news again: Bu and La again both qualified for World Championships!!! And this already for the second time this year:), first time last weekend and then after those results were canceled (because organizator was playing God instead of fairplay), again this weekend!:) I'm even more happy as the same weekend, Masha who often trains with me, has cik&cap and running contacts too, qualified for Italian Team! So you can see some more running contacts this year, apart from Bu, La, Sja and Lu also Cloe in Italian Team, Solar in USA Team etc.

And finally, here come some more pictures from Corsica. This was the first time that Lo didn't come with us, too many mountains to climb for 13.5 years old... But she still has the biggest smile ever:



28.6. - Have to brag with the wild child today: Bi won both agility&jumping this weekend and so progressed to the next level! To make it even better, Bu and La both won in their categories too, guess that's my personal record, three wins in one day, not too bad to have dogs in different categories afterall:).


Bi also finally figured out Le is NOT a dog toy, but annoying puppy with no manners (look who is talking!). That doesn't stop little Le, small puppy with big attitude. Here are some photos of her at 10 weeks, first half by Andraz Cerar, second part by Bor. Also, some thoughts on BC vs. PS comparison on my other website.



19.6. - Yeap, we're back from Corsica, so FINALLY, some more pictures of Le from 8 to 9 weeks and a short report on my small puppy, thinking big.





So... This is Le. And no, I absolutely didn't need another dog as yes, 4 is still my maximum, BUT... Who could resist this face and those parents... Especially not after seeing this video of my evil puppy at 5 weeks (turn on the sound!)... Will write more and publish tons of pictures and videos when we get back from vacations, for now, just BIG THANKS to Silke, her family and friends (yes, it takes the whole village to raise a puppy!:) for doing such a wonderful job preparing those puppies for active lifes that are in front of them by tons and tons of early socialization and playing. I think those first 2 months are VERY important, so I'm very grateful for all the work Le's breeder does with her puppies, I wish all breeders would!



25.5. - Busy, busy, busy - but never too busy for a nice hike with the dogs, so here come some more Action Photos.



5.5. - Thanks to Petra and Barbara, here comes a compilation video of our agility runs from various competitions. And some Flying Photos, this time by Iztok Noc.



1.5. - For now, just some hiking photos. Yeap, summer is almost here!

Agility videos from competitions coming soon too!



24.4. - Have to brag with my own dogs this time! We had our first WC qualifications today and both La and Bu won, La in medium, with absolute best time (again...) and Bu in large. Pretty nice start! 5 more to go.



20.4. - Gosh, that's quite a job, updating two websites! :)


A note for all sending me training questions: I'm answering those via my new website now, so please post them there!


Anyway, just thought it's about time for a new puppy update as Bi is all grown up now. I'll post some newer agility videos of her soon too, she doesn't do all the tunnels she sees anymore:). But she still makes La and Bu look easy to handle! I'm not running Lo anymore, but she still comes for walks and jogging, of course. She turned deaf recently, but she doesn't seem very bothered by it:).



5.4. - O.k., so here it comes, the new website - now it's on you to help create it:



This one will stay as it is, with news on Lo, La, Bu and Bi and the new one is meant to be a place for all of us dog-training-addicts to discuss training methods. I'll also be reporting on activities in LoLaBuLand Training Center that I'm hopefully opening in few months!:)


30.3. - Speaking of Angie and Dylan... BIG congratulations to Angie&Dylan and AGAIN to Daisy&Solar (both with running contacts:)  for winning AKC Nationals this weekend!!!


22.3. - Here is another must-see dog-walk by Rat Terrier Dylan. And she is even a retrain from 2on2off! I'm adding her whole story to the end of the Running Contacts article. The missing info is that Dylan was on a podium for all three events in USDAA Nationals last year! Also, for those asking if it's possible to have both, running contacts and 2on2off, here is a video of a BC who is being trained for both. Kisa from Polona would be another example, will add a link once she finishes her video.


And now to even more exciting news: I'm planning another, more interactive website that will allow all of you to post your comments, questions and videos directly. That way,  I will be able to reply to all at once and you will also be able to learn from everyone else's experience without my interference, so it will be easier for all. Everybody is more than welcome to start preparing videos, questions and comments to help me make a new website a great resource about running contacts, cik&cap and all other training concepts you want to talk about! 



1.3. - Have to brag with the wild child today: Bi did TWO exams for A2 this weekend in Austria! Not bad for the chaotic little Bi!:) Bu did great too, she won 3 runs. La didn't get to run this one as small&medium class was in the morning and well, when I get to choose to either run agility at 8am or sleep... But she did win our Winter Cup last weekend! Pretty cool huh, especially as we still can't train!


23.2. - Most winters, we travel north to enjoy the snow in the mountains. This winter, we have more snow as we could possibly enjoy even at home, so we travel south to enjoy snow-free hikes. Here are some cool photos. Spring, hurry up to us too!



11.2. - A new article, Behind The Scenes, answering some more questions on trick training and LolabuLand video production:). And some more snowy January Photos (not from Ljubljana though, we have much more snow than that...).



9.2. - Happy 4th birthday, my weird sweet Bu!



No matter how much you wish they were normal at the beginning, every next day and every next year, you love them more for what they are. By now, I wouldn't trade my sweet weird Bu not even for the craziest BC ever. She might be autistic, but she is the sweetest dog ever, so funny with her weird obsessions and habits, so elegant in her movements, so sweet in her character. She is a unique mix of a BC, a cat and a greyhound. Wouldn't trade that for just another normal BC! :) 


14.1. - And finally, here comes the new tricks video: LaBuBi Cleaning Team! I hope you laugh as much as we did when making it!

Yeah, we sure have too much time with all that snow outside:).



12.1. - We've got so much snow this winter that it will be impossible to train for quite a while, but we at least try to do some competitions. I'm posting some videos of Bi from a competition in Italy (big thanks to Barbara for taping!). As you can see, she loves tunnels, I think we were eliminated because of an extra tunnel for first 4 runs or so! She thought it's absolutely necessary to spot and take any tunnel within 15m reach! But it was getting better and better and she even won the last agility run! But most importantly, we had lots of fun, all the contacts and all the turns. Not too bad for the wild child!


New tricks video coming soon too!


10.1. - Happy 13th birthday my good old Lo!!!



Lo is a very special dog for me. I got her when I was still in high-school. She was hitch-hiking Europe with me, has been to parties with me, she has been with me for ever. I guess she will be my last dog for whom I will be able to say that she has been with me for half of my life... How special is that!


Yes, Lo sure is special. What a smile, what an attitude! She never complains, she never whines - she just smiles - always.  She never asks for anything and she always gives it all.


Thank you Lo for being such a great dog, for being so patient with me, for teaching me so much, for making me laugh, for your optimistic attitude, for your big smile. 


More updates coming soon!



29.12. - Yes, I'm back from USA! It was interesting to see so many dogs with great running contacts and cik&cap turns, I was surprised to see the methods are already so wide spread. Very nice to see the old friends and make some new ones too!


But of course, it's still nice to be home, I sure did miss having all my dogs around! So we're making it up now - see our December Photos. Thanks to the strange weather, we're freezing in the snow one day and swimming on the other (well, not all of us, usually Bi is the one to volunteer).



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