(Vedette of the Gloaming, born 10.1.1997)

Lo is the funny one, she sure is a character! She should be a cartoon character, that furry face with a big big smile all over is her trade mark. She sure is always in a good mood, always full of energy, always ready to make you laugh - actually she is always ready to do ANYTHING for you. She never asks for anything and she always gives it all. And everything she does, she does it with so much enthusiasm as just a Pyrenean Shepherd can…

That makes her a great dog to work with – despite all her fears and phobias… Yeap, she used to be terrified of almost everything as a puppy, it took me six months to get her over dog-walk because of her fear of height... And another six months to be able to put a leash on her without a panic attack. But eventually, she learned to trust me so much that she is able to forget about the rest of the world now and you could never guess what a scared puppy she was. Yeah, she might not had the best predispositions for the sport or the best structure - but she sure has a big heart… - Big enough to make her one of most successful agility dogs ever, she sure is a living legend.

She has been winning everything for years, she has many, many wins from many different countries, including wins in some big competitions (IMCA, EO etc.), was running in World Championships for 9 times in a row and has many great placements on world level too, 4th place in 2005, 5th place in 2000, 2nd place (after La :) in jumping 2003, many jumping team wins etc. to name just a few. Because of her flat jumping style, she was slipping way more as other dogs on carpet, so she was never World Championships dog, but she sure is one of the best medium dogs in the history of the sport.   

Not too bad for a dog that I was told will never be able to do agility because of her fearfulness. I heard that before, I was told my Samoyed will never do agility either, so I again just didn’t listen. I have long history of not listening: Samoyeds can’t do agility, get a Border Collie, PyrSheps can’t do agility, get a Sheltie, Lo won’t be able to do agility, get another dog… I’ve heard it all. And always knew better than that :).