Of course, Le is the cutest and funniest puppy ever. Well, Lo, La and Bu don't agree (but Le doesn't take that as an answer) and Bi still didn't figure out if that's a weird new toy that bites you in your butt or what. She plays with her, but keeps that "what on earth is THAT???" face on all the time. Le is the funniest puppy ever, being so small, thinking so big:).
And no, I didn't really want another puppy that soon, with Bi still being so young, BUT as that litter happened sooner as expected and I knew both parents, first two litters from this mother  and the breeder very well from my seminars in Germany and liked them all a lot, I just couldn't resist... Le was my favorite from the five puppies from the first day on and turned out to be "all in one" - my preferred temperament, my preferred colour and the only one with some blue in her eyes. I was so sure she is the one I didn't even went to see them, because of all other things going on. I'm still on a very busy schedule, but Le doesn't mind at all, she gets to come everywhere in her sherpa bag.



On her first day with us, she was on a competition and on second one, we already left for Corsica and took advantage of boat time for some socialization:


And then the head got just too heavy:


I guess Le thinks we live in a car (not too far from truth!) as we were moving from one place to another every day, she saw the whole Corsica, swimmed in sea for the first time and conquered many mountains, of course in her sherpa bag for now:).


We also started some clicker training and documented it all, but OF COURSE, we lost the memory card with 8gb of her first videos, how horrible is that... We can't do much though as she is not much of an eater. That's highly suspicious for a PyrShep! But I guess she must be one anyway as first, she has the same taste in toys as La:



And secondly, La's all time favourite trick is her favourite one too: jumping in my lap. Or, well, just anywhere in the air, trusting completely that the lap will appear in the right place when needed. That's a very PyrShep thing. They look you in your eyes by the end of a first day with you and say you're the center of their world. And of course, their big PyrShep ego adds: and I'm the center of your world:).