(Simply The Best de Loubajac, born 21.9.2001)


is simply the best, that’s what describes her best. We could also say “one in a million”, but I’m afraid she is more unique than that. She is… Probably not only the best agility dog in a history of the sport, but also in its future. My very best friend, my soulmate, the dog with the funniest face in the world, the dog who can make you smile by just being there. There is something about La that makes me talk in superlatives only about her… She is really very, very special.

I got her after many coincidences: after one year of searching for a perfect fawn long-hair puppy (I even learned French for that purpose!), I ended with this perfect blue-merle smooth-face...

Our story began when I fell in love with her jumpy cute little mother when I was visiting her breeder, Catherine de Neckere, in the Pyrenees and immediately reserved her. When I got pictures with three blue-merle babies, already 3 weeks old, I was afraid she was docked already. - But one puppy looked a kind of like mine, so I checked anyway… It was only 50% that it’s a girl and even much less % that she has a tail, but… She was a perfect little girl with a tail that also her breeder predicted for me. That's how the planning of the trip to the Pyrenees began. I had to synchronize with an agility seminar in Holland the same weekend, what meant 4000 km in four days, 2500 km of which with a fresh new puppy in my lap!

I met my perfect puppy on my birthday, 9th November. She looked very unhappy in my hands first, so I put her down and she ran under a table, so I called her again and on her way to me, she jumped over a bar of a chair and that’s when I knew for sure that she is the one. I named her Simply The Best because I knew that whatever she does, she will always be simply the best for me.

And she is. She is perfect. She is a real cosmopolitan, you can pick any language to tell her how beautiful she is and she will understand and give you a big wet kiss. She is really very well educated, she saw pretty much whole Europe, lots of USA and even Brazil. She goes absolutely everywhere with me, she also listened to Philosophy at University of Ljubljana with me. But Philosophy doesn't interest her very much, she always fell asleep immediately. What does interest her, though, is - agility.

She is perfect in agility too, she never ever does a mistake and we’re always either first or go wrong course, thanks to me of course:). She is unbeatable, even on World Championships level. She won her first World Championships in 2003, on her second birthday, with 6 seconds of advantage (what is way more as any other dog ever got near to) and she won her second one in 2005, with five seconds of advantage (yeap, we took our time, knowing noone can’t beat us:). And she would have won it again in 2006 with again 6 seconds of advantage if only she hadn’t knocked one bar – we only later found out that she had a problem in her shoulder and that’s why it happened, otherwise she is a great jumper and never knocks bars. All together, she won 10 (ten!) runs in World Championships what makes her way most successful dog ever.

World Championships is her favourite competition, she thinks all those people came just to see her, she gets green eyes, forgets all about start line manners and RUNS…. Well yes, she does think that she is a centre of the world… But then, she IS a centre of MY world…