(Beck's Hill Fast and Furious, born 20.6.2008)

I'll start to believe it's all in the name. Aiken, pronounced as "I can" sure proved he can do what was said to be impossible for a Samoyed in that time. Lo, with her looong and stunning career qualifies for a real vedette, she has always been a star. For La, there were never any doubts she really is simply the best. And Bu, well, she sure is very sweet! And Bi: well, she is fast and furious! That's all I wanted from a new dog: lots of attitude, confidence and power. Of course, we're still in very early stages of training, but so far, it has been all fun and nothing but fun.

Bi is my very first dog where I had a first choice - and I of course took the one that did worst on puppy evaluation test:). Guess she just didn't like the tester and rather spent her time trying to get me take her.  More on how she chose me and about our training on "puppy updates" page.